Avengers 4 Trailer: What You Will Do And Watch In Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans

Avengers 4 Hit Movie Accepted
Avengers 4 Hit Movie Accepted

After months of speculation, after the fan theory and anticipation, the Avengers 4 trailer has finally been released. Here's a list of what you do and superhero will not be seen in the movie.

It seems that fans were heart-fed with tears in their eyes because they went out of cinemas after seeing Avengers: Infinity War For those unknown to those people, fans at the peak of the movie were surprised because

Thanos snatched his finger and became accurate. Since then all the fans could have been guessed, could have been guessed and waiting tirelessly to see the next installment of this epic saga. And finally waiting on the trailer is now released!

Watch the trailer of Avengers right here. 

As fellow fans, we used to guess what we would do and we would not be able to reach the first trailer of Avengers 4 and before settling down in the trailer, everything was expected to be here. And now the trailer shows in hours before its official launch!

Dust characters will not be feature-
it is not that it should be surprising for anyone. After all, eligible characters such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Vision, Dr Strange etc will be honored and throw the one-liner in the first trailer. They are dead, remember? We suspect that any dusty character or dying people dust before dust will be included in this trailer.

Secondary superheroes -
While there are some secondary superheroes who avoid dust like rocket raccoons, nebulae and others, but we suspect that the trailer will focus on them or not. In fact, it is impossible that they will get any screen time because the producers want to concentrate limited to basic Avengers - all of whom have survived (not facing hockey).

Hockey and Ant-Man -
will the trailer reach the quantum scope, it is also impossible. If rumors are believed, then the initial half of the trailer will probably focus on the destruction of Thanos snap and the effect of any type of score in the background. And the other half of the captain is trying to find a way to push the rest of America, while Tony is trying to bring Titan back to Earth.

Captain America and Iron Man reunion - this is another scenario that is unlikely to be shown in the trailer. If you remember, the two characters were face-to-face for the last time, then they were knocking the chocolate out of each other. And even in infinite wars, there were no two characters. We suspect that Marvel will show them to work together in trailers.

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Thanos is more at risk - although there are many rumors that in Avengers 4, there is a threat which is larger than Mad Titan, but we suspect that the trailer will shed light on this secondary villain. Be assured that for the avengers at this point, there is a bone to take with Thanos first.

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